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Begin your scuba diving career in with the first step - PADI Divemaster Course. You're eligible to start your PADI Divemaster training after after 20 logged scuba dives and successfully completing the PADI Rescue Diver course. Working closely with our PADI Instructors in Bali Indonesia, you expand your dive knowledge and hone your skills to the professional level. The most fulfilling part of the course is learning to supervise scuba diving activities and assisting with diver training.

Bali PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center. We have the best facilities in Bali, include two powerful purpose-built diving speedboats, complete Technical Diving facility, and fully air-conditioned classrooms & vehicles. We have an on-site 4m deep dive pool so you can practice and improve your dive skills any time. We are the ONLY dive center in Bali to have on staff the most experienced PADI Course Directors in Bali, and they will be in charge of your Divemaster internship.

Our Course Director has trained over 1000 Instructors and few became PADI Course Director in Bali that has been staff member or former student of your Course Director. When you are in Bali, come over to our dive center, have a beer, coffee or tea with us, we will show you around our facility, meet our friendly staffs and discuss about your program.

We can take you from Non-Diver up through Divemaster level with various packages to suit you time and needs. Simply let us know your certification level, number of logged dives and how much time you have, we will customize a package and schedule just for you.

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Other programs we have included into your divemaster Internships to prepare you for success as a PADI Divemaster:

Internship with unlimited diving: Internship with unlimited diving:

When there are spaces available on any diving trips you can dive for free to build up your skills. You won't receive any salary or fee during the internship, but you will get lots of dives (at least 50) and valuable experience guiding certified divers and helping student divers in training. You'll get a chance to dive the best sites in Bali, including the USS Liberty shipwreck and the drift diving sites at Nusa Penida.

Tec diving try-out: Tec diving try-out:

The future of diving is here. More and more divers are moving into Tec Diving. We want you as a Divemaster to experience Tec diving so that you are able to explain when question about Tec arises. We also offer PADI Tec 40 (technical diving certification) with 50% discount for Divemaster trainees. Usual price is US$450 but you need to pay just US$225. Tec 40 certifies you to do decompression dives with full tec gear and double tanks.

Tips for guiding underwater photographers (workshop & training dives) Tips for guiding underwater photographers (workshop & training dives)

With years of experienced in guiding underwater photographers, we are the preferred choice when comes to guiding photographers. We have on-going return photographers that seeks our services. We will have workshop and training dives to prepare you as a divemaster on how to make an enjoyable guide for photographers.

Compressor use & maintenance (workshop) Compressor use & maintenance (workshop)

How many divemaster actually knows about compressor maintenance or even know how to fill tanks in real life? We don't only point and show you the compressor, you will gain hands-on-training about basic compressor use and maintenance. This really prepares you for real life job as a Divemaster

How to maintain your regulator and equipment workshop. How to maintain your regulator and equipment workshop.

A well rounded divemaster is being able to solve equipment related problems on the spot. We will provide you with the knowledge and practical sessions all about equipment related problems.


FUN, FUN AND FUN FUN, FUN AND FUN. We can assure you all the fun time you will have during your divemaster internship training with us. We have the right personality, friendly and experience coach for you. You will feel more like family and not just a customer.



Above are just few examples of what we have to offer, we also include Project AWARE programs, buoyancy workshop if needed, Oxygen Provider orientation, Risk Management workshop and the whole lot!

As a special bonus we are offering PADI Master Scuba Diver (including 5 PADI Specialty Courses) with 50% discount for Divemaster trainees. Master Scuba Diver is the highest level diving certification in the recreational diving system, is a lot of fun, and gives you the widest range of dive knowledge and experience.

Divemaster is one of the most important dive courses you will ever take so feel free to ask as many questions as you want until you feel comfortable with your decision to take your program here with our team. Let us know if you have any other questions at all.

We are always happy to answer all your needs!

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