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PADI IDC Bali (Asia) scuba diving instructor development courses are conducted with PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre

PADI Platinum Course Director's PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is a 12-day program designed to prepare qualified candidates to become PADI Instructors.
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Our IDC in Bali is divided into two distinct segments. The first segment is the 5-day PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) course. The second portion is the 7-day PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program. Together the two courses combine to encompass the entire IDC. Both courses must be completed before attending the PADI Instructor Examination (IE).

Our IDC Bali is actually run as four programs in one starting with the 2-day free IDC Preparation-Study and Prep Workshop, followed by the 5-day Assistant Instructor course, 7-day OWSI course and followed by the 2-day Emergency First Response Instructor before or after the PADI Instructor Examination (IE).

Each segment can be scheduled as a stand-alone course or completed all at one time. You have several training options and flexibility for reaching your professional goals depending on your current certification level, experience level, time restraints, etc. (click here for Bali IDC course overview)


Every person taking IDC Bali programs is important to us. So, at IDC Bali you will not be treated as a number. We like to keep our classes small so that your CD can give you all the personal attention you need and deserve. Throughout your course you will receive individualized counseling and feedback regarding your performance. We want you not only to be able to easily pass the PADI Instructor Examination, but to thoroughly prepare you to begin your career in the dive industry. Your Course Director is always available at the facility after hours to help you with academic study or PADI IDC assignments.

Your CD will also attend the PADI Instructor Examination with you, giving you added support and confidence.

IDC Bali Extra:

  • Free Enriched Air Instructor Course with Instructor outlines or
  • Free PADI Oxygen Provider Instructor Course with outlines
  • Free 1 week diving prior to IDC around Bali's top dive sites
  • Extra workshops on skills demonstration
  • Extra workshops on how to teach Rescue Diver course training sessions including, Panicked Diver Approach, Quick Reverse, Distress diver underwater, Exiting unconscious diver both life guard exit and pack strap, surfacing unconscious diver, skill #7 unconscious diver at the surface
  • Workshops on lift-bag and knot tying underwater
  • Workshops on CESA and Descents in Open Water
  • Business of Diving workshop
  • Duty of Care workshop

Entry requirements for IDC program:

  • Be certified as PADI Divemaster or hold a leadership level certification with another recreational diver training organization
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement for a diving medical
    examination conducted within the past 12 months from the start date of
    the IE must be signed and state Fit for diving ( PADI medical Statement
    Form recommended).
  • Have been a certified diver for at least six months and have completed
    and logged at least 60 open water scuba dives (100 logged dives to
    attend the IE, except as noted below), as documented in the individuals
    log book and have documentation of experience in deep, night and
  • Submit proof of CPR training within the past 24 months.
  • Submit documentation (photocopy) of any qualifying certifications issued
    by another recreational diver training organization.
  • If not a PADI Divemaster, complete the PADI Divemaster Course Diver
    Rescue Skills Assessment.

Completion requirements for IDC program:

  • During the course you'll need to demonstrate competency in dive theory by passing a five-part theory exam scoring 75% on each part
  • Performing a facedown, nonstop swim for 800 metres/yards using a mask, snorkel and fins
  • Show proof of at least 100 logged open water scuba dives if attending the PADI Instructor examination (IE)

Note: PADI Instructor is NOT included in the course price.

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